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Intrusion Alarm System

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A Burglar Alarm System is a must for most of the houses or business as it provides first line of defence from the Burglars. Statistics shows that individuals who have no burglar alarm system installed in their home or business tend to be burglarized more than those who have burglar alarm system. If you do not want your house or your business to be burglarized, it is essential that you install a burglar alarm system in your home or business. The first good step in protecting your home is by installing a reliable and effective Burglar Alarm System There are lots of simple and inexpensive yet very reliable alarm systems out on the market. But having a more sophisticated burglar alarm system is also a good idea. For better security against burglars, install burglar alarm systems on all of the entry points of your home or business, such as motion sensors, sensors that monitor or detect glass breakage, and for maximum protection, also include smoke and carbon dioxide sensors.