Laffale Interio Solution

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Home & Office Automation

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Ease off your wearisome and tedious schedules by integrating all your comfort systems, the home safety, light and appliance controls, weather controls and audio visual distribution. These systems would handle your daily routines by arming your security systems and lets you enjoy the immense pleasure of luxury at just one touch of your controller. Your lights would turn off, temperature would set back and your house would be protected from the intruders. You will be able to have a track of your security status, on/off lights, change of temperatures and view your video cameras in real time using any touch tone phone or by logging on to your home’s website. Your automation system can handle many different access codes, hand it over to your maids, servants, house keeper, pet sitters, kids and monitor their entry and exit. The system even notifies you over your phone. It even helps you escape a fight with your wife and children or any loved ones by entering their birthdays, anniversaries, or any important dates and events in the software and never forget any important day. The system will display a reminder on that day, so you don’t forget. If an intrusion occurs while you are at home, imagine a siren sounding throughout your house, the outside lights flashing and the house lights to turning to “full on”. Enough to scare a human species away. If a fire occurs the system will notify the fire department and create a low light to your closest exit. The system even notifies the specific official authority in case of any intrusion or a disaster. Control all your appliances with the console, which is a master panel, controlling all the switches at your homes, offices along with the door phone and other appliances.

Building Management System : The seamless and effective integration of all the safety, security and utility and home automation components of the entire building. It even ensures that the home automation system of the building and home functions at its optimum serving the living space completely.